When we saw that our first-born wasn’t meeting his developmental milestones, our hearts sank. As a parent, you never want your kids to struggle unnecessarily, so when our physician recommended Early Intervention we jumped on it. We didn’t know much about the process, but we wanted to help our son in any way we could. With heavy hearts, we committed to an arduous road ahead…..and were lucky enough to find Barbara.

Barbara was prepared, erudite and, most importantly, gentle and thoughtful in her approach. She listened when we needed her to, provided suggestions when appropriate, and challenged us to find easy ways to adapt our daily routines to promote the growth and learning that our son needed. She was very hands-on and even supported us in his transition to preschool. Barbara helped to make a tough time in our lives much easier and we’ll be forever grateful.

As we saw our second child experience similar developmental challenges, we knew exactly who to turn to. Not all Developmental Specialists are created equal, and Barbara is about as good as they come!

-Erin L., mama of 3



Parenting is harder than these typed words can express. It is hard for all of us - but when we also struggle to come to terms with a baby's differences or disabilities, a wall forms around us and suddenly none of our friends or families get it. We can't read the map anymore - everyone else knows what to expect next and we are always in the dark ruminating about our child, and having no anchor. No central text. No "what to expect".

Then Barbara comes along and slowly helps us come out of that lost place and see our child and ourselves again. With her guidance and support we became confident again - we became champions for our baby again - we have someone who understands us and doesn't judge us even in our darkest moments.

The words above are the words that echo through me as I think of my 7 years working with Barbara. I saw her in action. I heard the stories from the families who think of her as part of them. I saw her stay calm even in the most dire of circumstances. There are not many people like her - she is a friendly face and a gentle hand in a world of waiting rooms, evaluations, and false predictions. What a privilege it is to know her and what an honor it was to work with her.

Leah Davidson - MS, Early Intervention Program Supervisor, mama of 1



Barbara helped out two of our children during their toddler years. She taught them to make eye contact, socialize and participate in school activities, and vocalize when they wanted something. Under her care our children blossomed from stressed and frustrated due to a lack of communication to happy and making friends. We will forever be grateful for her help! She is truly great and I would recommend her to other parents.

Lina S., mama of 3